Problem recording game footage (Bandicam, Fraps, Mirillis, Dxtory,...)

Hello, I have to add more info on game recorders not working properly. It's a thing I use almost every day and it annoys and also suprises me that gaming laptops with Nahimic has these problems.

Bandicam - if I record DirectX only application, I get error that there was a problem recording audio and it won't record anything. If I record full screen, it records everything, but sound is absolutely unusable (extra bad quality)

Fraps - records videos but with no sound

Mirillis Action - crashes when you try to record audio+video with Nahimic running

Dxtory - always-on-top framerate counter goes red when you hit a record button, but after you stop recording there is no file

I have to add that if you untick audio recording on every single program, it records video without a problem.

After I uninstall Nahimic, everything works like a charm. So could someone explain how is this possible that this 3D SOUND EXPERT for gaming and multimedia (mostly existential on gaming laptops) can't even record a game footage properly. Good luck fixing this, hope it won't take you guys too long.

Nahimic version 2.5.19 and Realtek 8233


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Mirillis Action! released a new update some time ago with a fix (2.8.1 version https://mirillis.com/en/products/action_history.html ) so everything should be okay now. If you have any problems, download the latest version (or if you already have it, write to a support to let them know )


Also no audio with Nvidia Shadow Play.