Nahimic looses it's "power" on Firefox YouTube Videos

It's kinda hard to explain but after a full Cleaninstall of windows the error was persistent.

If I freshly opened Firefox and go to a YouTube video the effects are powerful noticeable and "like it's supposed to be" but going to a second video, pausing the video or even reloading the same video with F5 the effects loose their "power". I can only reset this by completely restarting Firefox and then again only for one video where I can't even jump to my last view time cause it will loose it again...

To note here is that switching nahimic off and on still has a difference in sound but not the (like I said even if it sounds wrong) "power" it has if I restart Firefox.

Firefox 55.0.03 (64bit)

Windows 10 1703 (15063.540)


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Problem still exists in newest version of Nahimic 2.

Just updated in hope it would have been fixed but it's still there and it is annoying.
The Volume is dropping down so hard, even on 100 % volume, if i start media player or music the sound is loud and hurts in my ears, but when i watch any video online with html5 on twitch, youtube etc. the volume drops to 10% even why the bar is still on 100%.

Bass Boost, Smart Loudness and all the other options sometimes doesn't have any effects on videos, sometimes yes, most times no.

Only the equalizer seems to still does his work.


I can confirm that this problem exists.