Nahimic looses it's "power" on Firefox YouTube Videos

It's kinda hard to explain but after a full Cleaninstall of windows the error was persistent.

If I freshly opened Firefox and go to a YouTube video the effects are powerful noticeable and "like it's supposed to be" but going to a second video, pausing the video or even reloading the same video with F5 the effects loose their "power". I can only reset this by completely restarting Firefox and then again only for one video where I can't even jump to my last view time cause it will loose it again...

To note here is that switching nahimic off and on still has a difference in sound but not the (like I said even if it sounds wrong) "power" it has if I restart Firefox.

Firefox 55.0.03 (64bit)

Windows 10 1703 (15063.540)


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@noobandproudEven Where would I get Nahimic 1 from?

Man, these forums suck as there is no reply button like a real forum.

There is: just press reply on your original comment to be sorted one lower the last reply in this comment. I've got the original .zip for (I think) 1.2.13 but I think redistributing such files might be against TOS and copyright of nahimic. As such I don't wanna incriminate myself.

I have a comment button but on others I do not have a reply to them is what I was talking about.

What is the filename of that .zip and I will find it.

You did it right. I still got a notification from your comment.

The zip name is:

"Audio driver_6.0.1.7745 and Nahimic_1.2.13.zip"

Without quotation of course.

You can install a newer driver first I think I tried the newest Windows had to offer and the newest my laptop had on MSI's Site. You don't have to blindly use the HDA driver that came with that zip. 

With Nahimic 2+ you MUST use a driver that works with it as a newest driver will not work and 2+ has now been abandoned it appears.  I tried to install the latest and when it didn't work I looked on the net for why it was saying I didn't have a driver installed when I did and it appears Nahimic is super tied to a certain version of Realtek.

I had Audio driver_6.0.1.7745 and Nahimic_1.2.13.zip on my hdd since 10/15/2018 so I am unsure why it isn't installed.  I will try later and see what is up.

As I said: Newer Nahimic versions are tight with driver version but somehow this version (1.2.13) still run perfectly even with newer drivers (as long as you stay within HDA and not UAD)

Try for yourself and if you like keep me updated. As I think all "nonsupported" Nahimic devices will have to make so trickery work to have something more useful than whatever Nahimic is creating. 

Doesn't allow me to install nahimic with a current driver then remove that driver and use the one in the package and the driver will not install with an error code: -0001

This is why I never got anywhere with this even though it is for MSI and why the driver refuses to install I have no idea because even with admin rights forget it.

There is a Software called "Driverstore Explorer" which let's you delete saved drivers (in use and unused) make sure to delete the realtek driver within device manager then open Rapr.exe (Driverstore Explorer) and search for traces of Realtek (attention realtek has more than audio, for example cardreader, don't delete something you don't know). There is also (if you played around with Nahimic) APOs installed from A-Volute, those need to be deleted as well... Check within "Software Manager" for installed Nahimic software (Nahimic 3 has a program secondary to its UWP) and delete it.

Check with "CCleaner" if your actions resulted in some errors in the registry and let it resolve it.

"Windows + R" executing "cleanmgr" allows you to let windows decide what is unnecessary and delete it. (those are systemfiles, updatesinstallers, temp files, unused drivers, etc) save to delete in the first step. But if it shows you the result (of deletable files) you've got the option to rerun with administrator. There you need to know that (it warns you but I tell you now that you've heard it before) it deletes old windows installations (which means you cannot revert back via Windows restore to an older version) and it deletes updatefiles which prevent you (if needed) to uninstall certain updates.

Now that you are cleaned up restart. Windows will have already downloaded and installed a new Realtek driver which is okay. We disable our WiFi/ethernet connection (to prevent loosing the fight against Windows driver downloads) and uninstall the newly installed realtek driver via Devicemgr. Rechecking with Rapr.exe (Driverstore explorer) is advised as A-volute's APO could be reinstalled too. (if so delete that again too).

Check within devicemgr if Windows installed a generic audio driver "High Definition Audio Device" if so you are ready to install the packed  in driver with nahimic 1.2.13 via the setup file and you don't have to endure its Deinstallation and restart phase and you jump directly to installation. When it asks you to restart say No and install Nahimic 1.2.13 first. If everything went without a hitch, you might now restart.

See if everything works. And have fun. ^^

Thanks for the help but I did all of that and it refuses to install and I am not sure why since the error code, and the log, is cryptic at best.

I don't know what fails if I don't see it and I can't give you more than that as help because I have a good running system with audio right now (without Nahimic). I don't want to ruin my setup while trying to figure out what's wrong with yours. (As it seems that several people have problems reproducing my steps I just kinda leave my system as it is "Never change a running system")

Just brainstorming theoretically what could have gotten wrong:

1. Wrong .zip with tainted code (maybe virus, bc I don't know where you've got it from)

2. Your board (as I read somewhere "B450 gaming pro Carbon")  wasn't on the market when Nahimic 1 was around. You cannot install it as it's not in the supported list.

My Laptop is now several years old with a 5th gen Intel but your board seems newer (I'm sorry if I don't have the full variations of chipset and manufacturer releases in my head)

I've got another post talking about "disabling" Nahimic on a z370 gaming pro carbon. I will link you that as a new comment here maybe it can help you.


I think it is probably the B450 and the link https://nahimic.helprace.com/i408-getting-rid-of-nahimic-to-bring-back-realtek-hd-audio-manager-msi-branded  I tried when I first got the boatd and it comes up and in the middle has a clicky that says Nahimic and to launch it where the EQ and effects used to be.  Here it comes as I am done with this nonsense but FUCK Nahimic and FUCK MSI for using their turd.  May Nahimic toy in the hell worse than what they have put users through.

There I said and I am glad that I did.

Thank you for all of your help but unless MSI finally ditches these son of a bitches we are stuck with the plain vanilla drivers with no enhancements etc...

I understand fully. It took me about a year to be where I am now with my system and its audio driver configuration. I don't condone the practices Nahimic is acting out and I would be happy if they are just honest about being overworked with this project... But as of now they are telling lies to mitigate any repercussions of their wrong implementation of an APO (that any other software developer in that field can do better solo).

Don't let your head hanging. Test every combination out. If you are free and don't need this system for anything else in that time (that's what I did. Tested and if I failed and didn't want to test anything I reverted back to something that was "known good")

Have a good day and (like I do) remember to never by similar things from MSI (if it has Nahimic written on it). I prevented several friends and colleagues from buying MSI products because of Nahimic. 

The thing is there doesn't need to be a Nahimic since the realtek drivers has everything in them already but never get installed.  If I could figure out what in it prevents the installation of the original sound effects/eq I would do it in a heartbeat.  I find it odd that in all of this time someone hasn't cracked it open to do just that.  I see them cracked open for Dolby and DTS but not to shed the world of the plague known as Nahimic.

Never trust the French.


"Crackling and such is somehow related to network activity atleast it was in my case."

Yes, that is what I was getting a sense of as I have been trying to track down the issue.  When it gets really bad is when I go look in my Windows log and see it tell me it had changed the state of BITS (I have tried everything to stop that but can't).

I go back a long time with Windows and I know what is happening as I used to have this same thing happen when I was on a single core (10+ years ago) and my cpu usage was over 100% (but not a constant 100%) so I think something is not multithreaded so BITS starts up using the same core as the audio driver is using and kerpow.  On Windows 7 there was an Affinity option but I think they removed that.

I had the same issue with a Realtek audio and lan chip on my old board and I still have it with my realtek audio and Intel lan chip but I never have it in Linux so this tells me it is 100% a Windows issue.

I just wish there was a website out there, or a video, to follow to do what you did because I just want the equalizer and the loudness control (normalizer) and to hell with this Nahimic garbarge but everything I have tried ended up in failure.

Okay so what I could deduct from my experiments is network offload to CPU. But I couldn't really figure it out. I thought it might be the interrupts in mind. But it didn't go far. I tried:

Checksum offloading

TCP Chimney Offload


TCP 1323 Timestamp



Everything is nicely found and editable via the "TCPOtimizer" program. But the error is really rare and as such hard to define... BITS might be the problem but disabling to be vulnerable is not an option. Thanks for the tip though I will look into that.

If you are not supported with Nahimic 3 and have problems with Nahimic 2+ you can either go back to nahimic 1 (less features but working flawless) or try to completely get rid off Nahimic. Sure the Realtek Audio Console seems fine but I think my way I luckily got it fully working might be hit&miss and not viable for a "how-to" post.

3rd option is something called EqualizerAPO with does the same as Nahimic but kills Nahimic and writes itself as preferred APO (Audio Processing Object). It's not that hard to install and the options in it are near limitless (overwhelming if you are no audiophile with all its technicalities). 

@noobandproud " "modded" myself a working Realtek Audio Console UWP on a running Realtek UAD)."  How?  Oh, and I ended up with a new issue where it would snap crackle gurgle but only on Windows (no issues in Linux) so I watched a video about the issue and having windows remove the RT driver and replace it with its own.  Solved it 99.5 percent.

I am seriously wondering how to mod the driver to ditch Nahimic as I am using Voicemeeter Banana for the EQ but I still do not have normalization and on YT videos you need that.

Crackling and such is somehow related to network activity atleast it was in my case.

I'm running currently a generic realtek UAD (v6.0.1.8501)

With Realtek Audio Console UWP (

Realtek Audio Console was in my downloadsection on the Windowsstore and when it successfully downloaded I knew I was on the right track. It had an update after several iterations of drivertests but now its working fine.

I worked with .cab and different version from nahimic provided installers. Modified to include my deviceid and disabling driversignaturcheck. As of now I run official drivers with no modifications but the "Realtek Audio Console" stayed the same with working equalizer settings and no "go to Nahimic"-link. 

Pretty much.

GUYS I FOUND THE SOLUTION. IT is easy and little steps to fix this.

you have to open Firefox and go to You tube and play music and skip the music. that is when the problem arises, so you follow these steps.

1.) open Task Manager. ( if you don't know how to open this you can search "task manager" on windows search at left hand corner and it will show up.)

2.) scroll down and find "Nahimic25vc32" in the "N" section, under "Processes"

3.) after you find it *right click it* and then press "End task*

4.) click *the refresh symbol thing* on your fire fox or what ever browser.

and it should work.

that is the easiest way.

Note you will always have to do this steps after you shutdown your PC because it resets. 

if you want to permanently  fix it. here are the steps.

you can delete the file of "nahimic25vc32"

you follow the top steps but at step

3.) you "right click on it" and then it will show *Open file location*, click on that.

4.) you delete the file and it will stop forever unless the file reinstall it by it self.

i hope it is not too confusing. like this so other people can fix their problem.

@Winner Tluang

The problem reported here is, that nahimic's "enhancements" cut out (in certain conditions seen above). Reading the post and several comments might reveal that we are not looking for disabling Nahimic (except I completely abandoned Nahimic as of now [one year later with no fix] and "modded" myself a working Realtek Audio Console UWP on a running Realtek UAD). The point of my post over a year ago was to point out a flaw with Nahimic software in "Hope" they would fix it. 

Your solution is helpful as telling a person who has a problem of insufficient horsepower with his car, to just remove the motor and push the car himself.

Please don't just make such "clickbaity" comments if you really aren't familiar with the problem. We have seen enough catchphrases and poorly manufactured YouTube thumbnails in this year that we could "end" the year with a little more decency. At least "sell" it better without CAPSLOCK and bold font, like telling what the result is, or your system, or your thought process on "mitigating/eliminating" the issue. 

Considering your "expertise" in this matter as describing the refresh button as "refresh symbol thing" I'm assuming that you might want to reconsider your comment and your "fix". (yeah I'm "assuming" in 2018. Been there, done that.)

Till then we are thankful for any meaningful contribution and/or just holding up the hand to say that you are affected as well.

@NoobAndProud you are just mad. You are the one who doesnt know what is going on at all, and the problem doesnt affect me one bit because i fixed it. Bish! And dont reply to me. You either chose to follow my instruction or you don’t. Its your choice i am not forcing you. People who want to follow will follow the instruction and theirs will be fix. 

@Winner Tluang

I probably have to inform you that you are on an open server with an open comment system where anyone can read and comment as much they like. Being mad with a subject this infuriating like for example this error which is still not fixed from nahimic, cannot be taken against me. Even if, I tried to hold my composure and stayed in the legal/ethical boundaries which are common practice. I didn't attack you. Sure I questioned your ability to  contribute and/or question your "fix".

But sure let me get through my head what you did. You disabled (and later added the possibility of deleting the "bad file" )

Let's think for a moment what this file is supposed to do. There are 2 similar service files. One for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. Seeing the fact that Nahimic uses these files to hook audiostreams for programs with either one of these versions. Fixing it by deleting one or both of the service files means disabling nahimic's ability to hook an audiostream which in turn means: "Sure audio still works fine" but without nahimic's enhancements and/or calibrations.

The problem stated in my post is exactly that what you reproduce. My approach and hope for fixing it was restoring the Nahimic Enhancement without cut offs mentioned above.

Your "fix" is to cripple Nahimic even more so it never can do its job (for 32bit systems). I give you that, maybe it could work. But disabling the 32-bit version of nahimic service means no 32-bit programs can have nahmic's enhancement. If you got a 32-bit system you completely disabled nahimic.

I still invite you to elaborate on your way of fixing it. Maybe details of how you thought of it and if you are happy without nahimic or if you are working to get nahimic fixed again. Even some systemspecs would be helpful because if you are working on a wildly different system maybe we have to "edit" your fix to work on other systems.

I am really interested in the explanation about "it just works". What works? How does it work? What are the limitations and others problems you've encountered?

@NoobAndProud “bitch. And dont reply to me.” If you know what that mean just stop replying. If you are such a noob you shouldn’t be proud of it. Unless... you are stupid. 

@Winner Tluang

Thank you for your clarification and intentions of your work here. It's telling me much that you need to revert to humiliation and bad language in a technical support forum.

And for your concern spelling would be considered good manner, but that is obviously not your concern. 

As you wrote "Bish" I hoped you meant something else, just for "the good in humanity"-sake.

A year and still no resolution?  This is shameful.  I'll be tweeting @ msi every day till this is resolved.  It's obvious that Nahimic does not care or does not have the resources to fix this extremely simple problem.   They WILL know about it.  If that doesn't work, I guess I start figuring out who to contact at corporate.  I bet I get to at least a GM.  Maybe a V.P.  Somehow, a hire up WILL know about this simple to fix problem that you all have slept on for a year now.  This makes MSI look bad and quite frankly, Nahimic is NOTHING without MSI.

Do that. I'm with you on that. Nahimic is obviously overworked and understaffed... They have to fulfil the contract with MSI that's why (I think) they excluded previously to work on older hardware... But now lying to our faces... That's no good to handle customers ranging from 500€ to 2000€ that paid for a product albeit might be some years ago...

My understanding (no programmer or technician worker) of the problem is that nahimic doesn't really works hand in hand with realteks hardware... They connected themself after the "real" audiostream. To ensure they managed to lock down any other path (as that nahimic is the only possible way to go for audio) which shows that no recording and such is possible with nahimic enabled and running. HTML5 might have a weird way of handling audio as it seems that Nahimic locks itself out as HTML5 audio renews. Nahimic fails to get audio enhancement working as it either locked the audiostream to exclusive mode or nahimic cannot catch up with the new audiostream created...

Because nahimic treats/locks audiostreams for nahimic only [as seen that no screen capture is possible with nahimic audio] (which the system might not know as such and locks it for single use only) which then locks nahimic itself out for any changed/renewed stream.

Still sucks with WebVideos in v2.5.31

Will they ever fix this?

I'm running a newer driver with MSInahimic (1.2.*) sure less features but no cutout and other stupid errors. Simple Audio-Enhancement.


Still not fixed in v2.5.29.

running Audio driver and Nahimic 1.2.13 doesn't destroy the sound. So yeah definitely an error on Firefox's side.

Another addition to the error: If the error shows itself, exiting nahimic from the taskbar and reopening it via it's .exe or .ink file also helps to "fix the problem again only for one video.

It's really a Nahimic issue as expected. But surely "working with Firefox to fix it ASAP" is still the best answer...

As it seems the updates came to a stop, cause Nahimic doesn't know how to properly work out their problems, here is a little help to configure your PC to use the MSI branded Realtek HD Audio Manager instead:

Tested working on: MSI Z370 Pro Carbon Motherboard on Windows 10 1709 (16299.248)

Testing it next on: MSI GT72-2QD 5GEN Laptop and report it here.

Completely uninstall Nahimic and the Realtek HD Audio driver.


Download newest Driver package either from here or MSI. You don't need to download Nahimic Setup files.

Install the Realtek HD Audio Driver from the Setup.exe present in the downloaded folder.

Let it do it's thing. and reboot after completion.

(Now comes the fun part and you have to know what you do and atleast a bit of understanding what is written on the screen before diong something like I suggest)


If unsure now is the time for a full Registry Backup. Neatly done with Ccleaner (and let Ccleaner search for registry errors while you are at it)

Open REGEDIT and Search for Keyword "Nahimic" and delete everything containing its name.

(Several things cannot be deleted but you don't have to force it)

There are entries for file installer and such pay close attention on what to delete as deleting a whole "keyfolder" is risky. I tried it for myself (without a direct file-list on what to delete) and I didn't need to use my backup to restore cause everything wen't fine.

After that reboot and let Ccleaner search for resulting errors of your actions.

If you are completly unaware what several things mean in the registry then please don't do something you are unsure.

Hope it helped you and here is a picture of the end result.

I did all of this from the same post elsewhere and I do have a panel BUT where the Equalizer would be it shows the Nahimic log and press here to launch it.  No good.

MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

About half a year now and still not fixed the problem with HTML5 Videos...
If MSI keeps it going to have Nahimic be the standard sound system software who can't fix this, then this was my last time getting an MSI product.

We are still on. Problems come on FF 56 and higher. 

yeah I use the newest 2.5.24 and this shit still happens

Funny thing is on their newer mainboards they even got rid of forcing only Nahimics program. They gave a reskinned Realtek HD Audio Manager with it to do the job (better than Nahimic does atm). I gave up on them actually fixing or doing something... To bad that several products are now flawed in their user experience cause nahimic doesn't work properly...

The problem is the RT they gave has no equalizer panel only a press me to start Nahimic so not a real option.  MSI needs to ditch this garbage.

I can confirm that ..... please have a look who's super

I can confirm that ..... please have a look who's super


Weird thing is when i open Firefox and watch a video that time it works but when i start to play next video it dont effect sound. I need to reopen Firefox for every video.(Firefox Quantum 57.0.2 64 bit, Windows 10 Pro 64bit)

Firefox 58.0b9 (64-Bit) on Windows 10 Home Version 1709 (Build:16299.64) still has the issue.

Firefox 59.0a1 (64-bit) on Windows 10 Home Version 1709 (Build:16299.98) still has the issue.


Same problem with nahimic 2.5.23 and firefox 57.0

The equalizer of nahimic stops working when skipping through a youtube video in firefox.

Problem still exists for me too. Volume plummets in Firefox. All other applications seem to work fine. Please fix this!


Firefox 57.0b5 (64bit) still got the issue.

Microsoft Edge somehow doesn't have this issue.

I think nahimic forgot about the people we use Firefox

edge and chrome works ok  only mozzila have problems with nahimic :/

mozzila iz my primary browser  Nahimic  pls fix it


We are working with Firefox for the issues, we will fix it asap :) 

A year later and you did nothing.

Problem still exists in newest version of Nahimic 2.

Just updated in hope it would have been fixed but it's still there and it is annoying.
The Volume is dropping down so hard, even on 100 % volume, if i start media player or music the sound is loud and hurts in my ears, but when i watch any video online with html5 on twitch, youtube etc. the volume drops to 10% even why the bar is still on 100%.

Bass Boost, Smart Loudness and all the other options sometimes doesn't have any effects on videos, sometimes yes, most times no.

Only the equalizer seems to still does his work.

I can confirm that this problem exists.