nahimic will not work no matter what solutions exist

currently running the latest version of windows 10, version 1703 ,OS build 15063.540.

using latest realtek driver 8233,

and latest version of nahimic 2.5.19.

my mother board is a MSI b350 gaming pro carbon and either though im fully well aware that i need to install realtek before nahimc, nahimic WILL NOT launch its UI, iv tried reinstalling with anti virus and firewall dissabled, ive tried multiple compatibility settings, and ive tried combinations of older versions. but no matter what i simply cannot get this feature to function which was the whole point why i got this motherboard. 

also to add nahimic will open at launch in the system tray but when i try to right click for the context menu it just closes.

if anybody has a solution please help.

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Hello, I give that to my test team. 

have yet to hear back I've been messaging you guys on facebook about it and yet to hear a response. about whats going on.


I am suffering from the exact same issue and replied to a similar thread here - https://nahimic.helprace.com/i299-can-t-use-nahimic-no-ui-show#item_comment_block_25076 

Did you manage to sort it?

no i didnt. contacted both msi and nahimic cant get a single response from either, either though i stressed to problem to both to the point where they said they would test the exact same board for quality assurance. i honestly think its an issue with the latest windows 10 1703 version not letting nahimic comunicate with the alc 1220 audio codec. but im no programmer so its just speculation after literally trying everything. last thing i can try though is contact microsoft so i can get an earlyer version on a seperate hard drive to try out.