Nahimic 2.5.19 is now out!

No holidays for Nahimic! It's ready for a new school year! Nahimic 2.5.19 is now available for download! 

You'll find the patch note just below! 

Important: You need Realtek 8192 Or C-MEDIA 1.15 or above to be fully functional. You have 3 possibilities to be on the good version:
- Using Windows Update  
Using MSI support website 
The link given by us, click here

Here is the link for Realtek 8233:

Link for Nahimic 2.5.19:

Patch note: 

  • Enhancements to avoid some installation, update and uninstallation issues.
  • Behavior enhancements when devices are disabled.
  • Implementation of an audio limiter that avoids cracking noises
  • The EQ values return to -12dB/+12dB (instead of -9dB/+9dB) - see 2.5.16 delivery note for more details.
  • The error message displayed is clearer after canceling an installation.
  • Games cannot be displayed twice in the App Manager anymore.
  • Launchpad and hotkey work as expected on 32bits OS.
  • Russian text appears correctly on the App Manager page.
  • It's not possible to enable the microphone loopback if it's disabled.


2 replies

Hello, please, use this version:

I've experienced some issues with volume control after installing this, the volume mixer no longer changes the volume and changing in-game volume does nothing either. Also, once I turned on sound tracker the audio sounded metallic and muffled and I couldn't get it to stop unless I uninstalled Nahimic, which I wish I could do but my microphone won't work unless I have it installed. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now it won't even open but will still make all sound loud metallic and muffled.

I have an msi 970A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard, I'm using realtek high definition audio version and have windows 10 with all important updates installed (service pack etc.).

I found out why it won't open, it's because the UI launcher isn't compatible, despite previously working.