Nahimic 2+ is now ready for a hot summer!

Maybe you're on the beach waiting for the new version for a long time, it's time to go back to your PC and download Nahimic 2+! 

After a long test period we can let you enjoy the new features! You can find the patch note just below!

Click here to download Nahimic 2.5.16!

Important: You need Realtek 8192 Or C-MEDIA 1.15 or above to be fully functional. You have 3 possibilities to be on the good version:

- Using Windows Update 
- Using MSI support website
The link given by us, click here

Patch note


Player's Unknown Battleground is fully compatible with Sound Tracker.

The EQ values passed from -12dB/+12dB to -9dB/+9dB in order to limit the possibilities of cracking noises when pushing all EQ to maximum.
 In order to avoid any larsen effect, microphone loopback is disabled when the UI is closed.
 In order to avoid any back-compatibility issue between Nahimic 2 and 2+, the "Delete preferences" option is now checked by default when user uninstalls Nahimic 2+.
The reboot after install is now instantaneous.
The error message indicating the machine is not supported by Nahimic has been improved to be more understandable.
The Launchpad is now set to OFF by default - this will avoid users launching sounds with the hotkeys without being aware.
32 bits Bit Rate is now available for compatible hardware.
In order to keep a pure sound for HiFi models, these ones now have a specific default audio profile: Music with all effects OFF.
UX improvement thanks to the addition of OK and Cancel buttons in all the popup windows.
Users can now deactivate analytics contribution in the Preferences window.

CPU consumption improvement.
Improvement made on the App Manager feature to avoid the compatibility issues faced lately.

Problem with Excel fixed.
Problem with Firefox fixed.
Problem with CrystalDiskMark portable version fixed. 
QQ 8.9 installation fixed.
MAGIX Photo Manager 16 and MAGIX Music Maker Silver run correctly when Nahimic is launched.


Some more cracking noise removed.
Audio devices are now correctly displayed after they have been disabled.
Launchpad shortcuts now works when Num lock is not activated.
Channel Gain is correctly displayed in the audio device property.
Tabs will always be opened on page 1 in order to offer a more fluid navigation in the UI.
Changing the audio profile from the systray works correctly.

Added new MSI's computers, welcome in the family! 

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You released version 2.5.16 a day ago, don't you ? so why my actual Nahimic 2+ says version 2.5.6 ???