Nahimic 2.5.6 -UI stops some games launching/ cant init @DXGI -Arma3 soft crash (maybe X3dInput hook failure?)

Hi, with Nahimic 2.5.6 on a fresh Win7x64 install with latest Rtl drivers on B350 platform (zen), when launching Arma3 with Nahimic switched on and the UILauncher in the tray(or the UI window open), the game soft crashes on startup and the game wont load (ie the process is still 'running' but its stalling). but when the Nahimic effects DSP is switched on BUT the 'Nahimic2UILauncher' program is closed, the game loads fine with no problems, and the Nahimic DSP effects are still active. disabling steams overlay ui doesnt seem to have any effect, and in NahimicUI i had turned off launchpad and sound finder (and input effects, only having output dsp active) For Arma3 there is no reported wait states in main thread, but on prockill the games crash responder reports '0x00000001 Unable to init DXGI'. logs show strange stuff, specificaly during hooking libs for Directx at the start, pre launch, when Nahimic is running and switched on the game struggles with  looping through dx3d library hooking (failing). Disabling steams in-gameoverlayui doesnt change the situation, same failure to launch, same error code, not certain whats going on but it might be the hotkeys for nahimic conflicting with the game trying to hook dxinput, but at the same time ive seen errors around X3DAudio aswell as X3DInput(while appearing to succesfuly hook both dxgi and gameoverlayrenderer itself), steam overlay on or off doesnt change the problem, switching nahimic audio dsp effects on or off doesnt change the problem, but closing the NahimicUI (from the tray) DOES, ie when its switched on but the UI is still running on desktop or in tray, the game fails to launch (just soft crashing), but when the ui is closed to tray then quit from the tray (or just killing it), then the game runs fine. i havnt seen this problem (yet) with any other game, but i havnt tested many other games with nahimic yet, also i could try to get more information about what the actual problem is at some point, if it actually helps and its something you can fix. il send a similar message to BIS support too, but since this is a problem that only occurs with nahimic, i started here first. anyway just want to say i think this is still a cool program and love how it does what it does, and i wish it worked flawlessly but i understand, and if i can find anything actually useful about this problem il try to report it but otherwise hope this might help somehow.

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Hello Ben, I'll try to put my testers on that problem :) 
We'll try first on Win 10.

i just came back, about to delete this thinking i probably shouldnt have bought it up and i feel sorry for whoever i made have-to read this, since if it is a problem caused by the hotkeys, then theres not much that could be done on your side (except maybe have some option to switch off the hotkey part where its not being used) since im guessing how the program is doing hotkeys, needs to do it thatway for more neccessity for its functions and compatability with many different situations than 1 or 2 unhappy games. so for now il do some investigating on the games side of things, but i guess (if it is this issue) its too deep to fix without causing more harm than just leaving it. if if isnt a problem with xinput (which doesnt make sense to me anyway really since i thought that was the whole point of dx to enable push-like functionality for...sorry im going on anyway i just wanted to say i think i was in a strange mood when i wrote this and that i dont think its any kind of any issue and just as or even more likely to be a problem with that game, but i figured this report might help to add to the pile, of narrowing down the app crashing/not opening-when nahimic is running(the program ui/ not necesarily audio enhancements on)..