What is the best setup for dota 2 and listening music ?

Hello, recently i got a MSI GE62VR 7RF gaming laptop which comes with Nahimic Version 2.Actually i can't call it is a problem but it annoys me a lot.Maybe i can't making the right setups but one way or other i don't satisfying with this way of usage.

I'm playing Dota 2 for hours in a day and listening music almost every minute when pc is on.Besides i'm not a sound expert or i don't have any technical knowledge about sound but even without these skills i can say there is something wrong.

The first thing is about music, i think there must something like Smart Switch which ables to change the profile of program automaticly while user listening music, playing game or watching movie etc.Otherwise user should change the profile of program manually every single time for his/her behaviour.Also Bass Boost is weak for headphones.Even my smartphone (Huawei Mate 8) providing better bass boosting.

The second thing is, i'm really confused about Audio profiles.I almost tried every single one for Dota 2 but non of them perfectly fitting this game.Also tried Multimedia profiles but they are making worse the issue for gaming.For Dota 2, it's making so much differences in sound what position is your character in and what position of your screen is showing.Actually this is proofing how much your program accurate and sensitive but it's literally about millimeters for this game.Even so little position changes completely chaging the way of coming sound and mostly the sound i hear like, muffled.

On the other hand, the program is making its job perfectly.When i shut it down sound quality changes immediately and it is awful.Also i really impressed about Sound Track Technology which is working well.Users need more technologies like that.

Device and Drivers Information:

1.My device running on Windows 10 Pro 64bit

2.Nahimic version is 2.3.17

3.Realtek High Definition Audio Driver version is

4.These versions are recommended by MSI for this laptop.

Lastly, i'm not so good at English and i hope i could clearly explain what looking like a problem for me.


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lol.Thanks for reply.

Good to hear that you guys are working on something usefull.At least there must be a keyboard shotcut/combo to switch between sound profiles quickly or something like Dragon Center which is able to switch Notebook Power Profiles via keyboard combo Fn + F7 (Shift Mode: Sport - Comfort - Eco).

Your suggested configuration is helped a bit but still not perfect.I hope next versions will be more accurate, developed and easy to use.

Have a nice day sir !

Hi Mete, 
We are working on this "Smart switch" :) 
The problem with the best setup depends on your personal experience, if you love bass or not at all, if you prefer high frequency or not. The best way is to let you test a bit and save the profile. For me on HOTS it's Bass boost at 50%, same for treble enhancer, Virtual Surround balanced, Voice clarity 50% and "Warm & Crunchy" EQ :)