Nahimic 2.3.15 Drivers still dropping out

This is an ongoing problem. I'm on a MSI GT72VR 6RE which uses the realtek version of Nahimic.

I just recently installed the driver listed above and the sound drops out. I have bad hearing as it is but I know the driver dies when my sound drops down to hard to hear levels. when I switch from the different modes, Movie, Music and so forth, you can tell when it is working the changes in the sound quality based upon each modes settings.

I'm still stuck with uninstalling the whole driver package, then reinstall the driver and it works for a certain period of time. Generally in the time frame of hours. the driver seems to malfunction, not the blue screen kind of malfunction but the driver stops working. I still get sound but VERY degraded quality and hard to hear. Which is why  I am forced to uninstall and then reinstall. this is a serious issue in my book because it has been doing this for at least the last 4 preview release ring builds. probably more easily at least since 14393.xxx .

whatever the driver uses for sound quality just quits functioning. Can you folks at Nahimic create a utility that we can run in the background or start it when I notice this loss of functioning to interrogate my laptop to create an error report send back to you guys so you can figure out this issue?

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Hello Chris, 
I'm exactly on the same PC than you. I'm using Realtek 8083 and Nahimic 2.3.15 and I don't have the same issue at all. 
Here is the link for 8083: http://nahimic.helprace.com/i20-how-do-i-install-or-update-nahimic
And for nahimic in case of: http://www.nahimic.com/download-nahimic

If it's not working, can you send me a dxdiag of your computer please? I totally understand that your problem is totally unacceptable, I'm sorry about that. 

Keep me in touch please.

Best Regards

ok, I JUST installed the driver not but 5 minutes ago and the driver just died again. I was listening to pete carrolls interview on nfl.com and I can barely hear him. I'm simply watching videos. I'm wondering if there is some issue with the windows 10 sound layer? this is the worst it has ever been. its something between the driver and Windows10.

But I JUST reinstalled the driver and it dropped out again. I'm disheartened by all of this. This seems like something I've only had issues with since using Windows 10. I've never had any issues with past windows versions and this happening. Been considering installing Windows 7 due to reliability.

But an issue is there with Windows10 and Nahimic. I'm kinda leaning that this is a Windows 10 problem.

You are right, Windows Creators Update has bring a lot of trouble...