windows 10 creators update, can't use nahimic Please fix

my laptop msi ge72 6qf

i'm have some problem as windows 10 new update "windows 10 creator" make nanimic can't working. I have installed realtek all version 8053 8059 8083 and windows update but, it will have dolby audio install with realtek all version(see picture attachments). It is the cause of nahimic can't use. PLEASE fix this problem.

i can uninstall Dolby but after that it cant use nahimic and i uninstalled nahimic too then, reinstall it can't use nahmic
i try to adjust nahimic options, it's still the same result.

thanks you sorry my english is bad.

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MSI has just recently released a realtek audio v6.0.1.8158 driver with nahimic v2.3.20 software for certain GE72 laptops.  please download & install this new driver & aplication package and post back whether they work or not.

Hello Winwin, 

I try to reproduce the installation of Dolby, did you activate something in Apps and features?