After the Windows 10 Creators Update, I cannot use Nahimic.

Anytime I attempt to use Nahimic after updating to the newest Windows 10 update, I am met with the issue "nahimic encoded format detected" in an popup window within the Nahimic app. This window flickers open and closed rapidly and does not respond to any inputs. I'm unsure how to resolve this issue, and it has rendered the app unusable for me, while headphones are inserted into my laptop (MSI GS60 - 6QE).

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i am having the same issue but nahimic has been uninstalled but still says drivers are installed so I cant reinstall. any help?

i am having the same isuess, instalkled w10 creators update and nahimic 2 won't run

Works fine here:


Nahimic 2.5.5


confirmed. I'm having the issues too, after the Creator update

-nahimic interface won't show up

-if nahimic is running, it'll cause a heavy distortion+weird echo like you're underwater

-tried reinstall both Realtek driver(latest from MSI) and nahimic. still a no go 

as of now, closing nahimic solve the sound issues



Hello Damien, 
you are using the S/PDIF output and you launch a movie to create this problem? 
You can uninstall/reinstall Nahimic, maybe the Creator update has created a problem.