HotFix_Nahimic02.exe - This application could not be started

I have a MSI GT83VR 7RE with Windows 10 Build 14393.969

My Realtek driver is

I installed the latest Nahimic 2 - Version 2.5.5 from the website and it seems to work fine.

My complaint is on every boot, I get two errors with a popup that must be dismissed.

I have completely uninstalled Nahimic and the error goes away.  I reinstalled and the error returns.

Any ideas?

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Need help for link. Download nahimic 2.5.5 i have problem causing enhacement

Same problem here. And, like it is said before, the bug "has evolved" from HotFix_Nahimic02.exe to HotFix_Nahimic03.exe.

It seems all is working fine, only this hated error pop up when computer turns on...

See the Huib user comment Gabriel, it has the solution.

 same problem.. hope there is  a update to fix this problem.......  new computer and  this always pop up ...  nice to pull the finger out and  fix it ..

The comment below has the solution Yolanda.


Update Windows 10 to Creators update, then uninstall nahimic, the audio driver. Reboot and install both again. Be sure to use the audio update on the MSI website.

Worked for me. No more errors for 2 days now.

This worked for me aswell. Thank you so much Huib.

I think the Windows 10 Creators Update was not necessary at this process, uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers from the MSI Support Center was the key.

I also updated my Bios at this process (Just if that is an option...).

I updated Win10 to Creator and the error is gone.  I also used the 4/10/2017 update from MSI's website which updated my Realtek driver to and Nahimic to 2.3.15.   So far so good with this.


MSI had an update this morning.  After applying it and restarting my computer, the error went away.

Seems solved for me too... turned on this morning with no issues. But i don't remember yesterday update anything...

Nop, it's not solved. Got the error again. Wat do you updated for taking away this issue?

Which update? audio driver??

I'm sorry guys, but I'm not completely sure.  I've only had this computer for a few weeks now and when I first turned it on the other morning I had a prompt pop up that said there was an update available from MSI.  I just clicked on the prompt to install it and went about making breakfast.  

If there is some sort of change log that I can access, I'd be happy to look at it and let you know what it says was updated.  But I'm not as up on computers as I was when I was younger, so I'm not sure where to even look in Windows 10.  

I went 3 days without the error.  When i turned on the computer this morning, now it's HotFix_Nahimic03.exe instead of 02.   

I dismissed it and Nahimic, as usual, seems to be working fine.   Please continue to investigate this issue.

Same here.  It's gone from 02 to 03 for me now, as well.  Everything is running fine.  Just hate seeing an error pop up every time I start my new rig!



Exact same issue here, is kinda annoying... Some light about this will be so much appreciated. I tried updating Realtek High Definition Drivers with no good news.

I tried that because when i tried to install your Nahimic software told me that my audio drivers was not updated, and now it is, but still showing the same message.

This is the information that comes up when I click on the "Do you want to view information about this issue?" prompt.

Again...everything is working fine, so I have no desire to tamper with any settings.  It's just this warning that is popping up every time the computer boots up.



MSI GT72VR 6RD Dominator

I have been experiencing the exact issue described by OP, for a week.  Can we get a support reply please?

some staffs please help me!

I have the exact message on every win10 boot.

after full uninstall of nahimic and also audio driver.... still getting this message

any help is greatly appreciated!


Can you send me the information about the issue please? 

what information do you need?

I'm assuming you meant what the "Do you want to view information about this issue?" prompt?  If so, I posted the image from that page in the comments above.


I'm scratching my head too... I'm on



+1 Same for me since this morning with MSI PE PE60-7RD, win 10 Ent 1607, RealTek Driver, Nahimic 2 - V2.3.12

So this is interesting.  This morning I turned the GT83VR on and did not receive the error.  I restarted once and again did not receive the error.   Confirmed Nahimic is working fine.  Yesterday the error occurred on every cold start or reboot.   

<scratches head>


Exact same problem here.  I have an MSI GS63VR, Windows 10 Build 14393, RealTek Driver

Everything is working just fine, but I am getting the exact same error every time I reboot.