Microphone not being detected, sound completely dying, speakers don't work with ONLY microphone jack used?

Recently bought a MSI GT62VR Pro laptop.  I have tried Nahimic version 2.3.14 and the new Nahimic 2+ and have issues with both.  

First, the laptop came with Nahimic using "Stereo" format, which made it sound like the speakers were absolutely garbage.. I turned the format to 7.1 and the difference is quite good.  However, when plugging in my headset into the microphone and headphone jack, my headphones were like normal, but the microphone is not being detected AT ALL; it is sticking with the built-in mic next to the webcam.  After uninstalling Nahimic, the computer had no issue at all recognizing the microphone and headphones.  After trying to change the format between the 4 different options and unplugging the microphone and headphones plugs numerous times, I have found that the sound will completely just stop broadcasting through the speakers of the laptop.  So the laptop is having an issue detecting the microphone with Nahimic.  When I have both the microphone and headphones plugged in, and remove ONLY the headphones, the system won't play sound through the speakers with the microphone jack still being used by the microphone.  If I unplug the microphone the system will either start using the speakers again or just completely stop playing sound at all.  

The Nahimic software is recognizing me plugging the headphones in and pops up with the "External audio device detected", but nothing for the microphone pops up.  After I click "Headphone" and "OK" the pop-up, the program changes from "Internal Speakers" to "Speakers" with the HEADPHONES plugged in? I have noticed that it was detecting and showing the word "Headphones" on the top left of the program instead of "Internal Speakers" and "Speakers", I am not sure why it shows "Speakers" with the headphones plugged in or why it stays like that when I unplug the headphones and leave the microphone in.

This software is trying to be too complicated and is really screwing up with simple things. I should be able to plug in my microphone and have that be detected and being used over my built-in.  I should also be able to plug in my headset into the headphone-jack and have that play sound from my headphones and then convert back to speakers when the headset is unplugged..

Again, I've tried the Nahimic version that came installed on the machine when purchased, 2.3.14, and 2+.

My Realtek driver version is:

My headsets are a standard microphone/headphone 3.5mm jack - no USB.  

Please help!



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Still waiting.


Still looking for some help.


After having absolutely no sound coming out of my speakers all day, I tried messing around with the line-in/out ports (this laptop has four 3.5mm ports - line-in, line-out, microphone, headphone),  After plugging my headphones into the line-in and unplugging them, the subwoofer (ONLY) started to work again.

Also, I am still having issues with the microphone on my headset being detected and used rather than the built-in mic when the headset (microphone) is plugged in.

Please help me out.


It has been about 4 hours since I installed the Realtek driver that you have provided and I don't have ANY audio coming from the speakers now.  After several restarts and avoiding to use my headset.  This is becoming very frustrating.... What is going on?

Hi there,

Installing this new Realtek driver still did not fix the problem.  Switching from headset to speakers is still causing issues where sound just completely stops.  I have rotated between all the formats and my speakers will still not push out sound.  If I plug my headset back in, I will get sound through that.  If I keep messing with it (unplugging my headphone/microphone jacks) I will eventually get no sound out of the speakers OR the headset.

And again, Nahimic will recognize the headphone port as "Headphone."  If I unplug the headphone jack only, it moves to "Internal Speaker."  If I switch the format to 4.0, 5.1, or 7.1- it will switch to "Speakers."

I am not sure what is going wrong, but this really needs to get fixed. I never had this issues with previous laptops.  I am not sure why plugging in a headset isn't detected immediately and will take sound (mic) and push sound (headphones).  And then when you unplug it, it will immediately transfer back to speakers and built-in mic being used.

Please fix this.  It is making a great new laptop purchase almost unusable without having to restart it after ever usage and removal of a 3.5mm headset.




Hello Zac, 

First, try Realtek 8083 and tell me if the problem still exists: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q40hl9wnxsr14gk/AAA3KVRcXyQHWCMZkbPAZk4za?dl=0

Best regards