USB Audio Support

I've read why Nahimic doesn't support USB audio but if it would be possible to override the USB audio software and use Nahimic as the primary audio controller for USB it would be great.  For example, the USB audio software that you download for Razer headsets doesn't compare to those audio options that Nahimic provides such as one touch settings for games, movies or music.  The output when using Nahimic through built-in speakers sounds far superior over a 7.1 razor headset.  I believe if you could use Nahimic with the USB 7.1 Razer headset it would be best of both worlds.

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Hello Nick, 

Thank you for your feedback! We know it could be really cool to do that but we have 2 problems: 

- We need to be sure we can override models and to be 100% workable
- Justice, imagine if you are a audio software company and someone just erase your work to put them without pity, you'll be really angry about that attack^^ 

We need to clarify a lot of thing before pushing this method :)

Hi I have the same issue using a USB connector. If I contacted the company and had the OKAY from them, would you be able to make it work for that company? 
Thank you