Nahimic 2.3.14 is now out!

Nahimic's team wishes you a happy new year! 


Nahimic 2.3.14 has fixed issues with Edge and games. You can read the changelog just below. 

Don't forget: you need to have the newest version of Realtek to run Nahimic properly, we always give you the latest Realtek driver with our latest version.

Click here to access to the download link

1. Install Realtek driver
2. Install Nahimic

Bugs fixed: 

- Skype Entreprise now has sound output with Nahimic activated 
- Nahimic correctly applies its effects over Edge browser 
- Implementation of enhanced headphone filters for better audio quality 
- CS: GO is removed from the games compatibility list as we noticed that sometimes the Sound Tracker is not displayed correctly on it - we will investigate on this

Known issues

We are still improving our software on the crack noise issue to erase it forever.

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MSI rolls out another Realtek audio driver update for the X99A series of motherboards -

and you know what?  You guessed it.  It clobbers the Nahimic application.

As technical/trade partners, do you guys even communicate?


Completely and utterly out-of-control.  Good job.

Pretty disappointing how the 'engagement' disappears around here with respect to the Nahimic reps.


Your update fixed a microphone problem my 1.7k € laptop (such an expensive laptop should come shining and flying) came with. Go you.

Keep up the good work. May the crackling go away soon.


Rafiki Poramor.

Hej, came back to update. My games are now not having sound because of the Nahimic. I uninstalled it and the sound is back. =(

The noise disappears when I do oc to the cpu, I hear it only when I do not do the oc


MSI releases Realtek/Nahimic audio package on their X99 Godlike support page and ...

LOL ... there's nothing in the way of Nahimic in the download package.

(Usually there are two folders contained within, one for Realtek - one for Nahimic drivers)

You guys are out of control.  So is MSI.

Removed it again, Snagit record video doesn`t work when Nahimic is installed



Hi, if you have problem like mine, you can try following link.

I hope it works for you.

Hi,  I'm following MSI's instructions for driver installation and when I try to install Nahimic 2.3.14 after Realtek I get the following message: The installation could not proceed. The Realtek audio driver must be installed first.


OS: Windows 10 x64


MSI just released a new version of the Realtek audio drivers for their X99 platforms that come bundled with Nahimic functionality...


but there isn't a corresponding Nahimic update yet released.

Since the two go hand in hand, what should we expect?  Is 2.3.14 and compatible?


I'll also add that the package handling through Windows Control Panel leaves much to be desired.

You guys are in serious need of a manual clean-up tool.

I've received the following message multiple times with various interim updates to Nahimc.

"the older version of audiolaunchpadconfigurator cannot be removed.  Contact your technical support group"

2.3.14 has serious issues with the installer processes.

* * *

Then this in the Reliability History:

Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: AudioLaunchpadConfigurator. Product Version: 2.3.1401. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Nahimic. Installation success or error status: 1603.


The dropbox download link provides 2.3.13 - as labeled -

not 2.3.14.

Really guys?

Fixed! Thanks! 

@Checkyofacts are u saying my i5 6600 k OC at 4.4 Mhz is not powerfull enough for the realtek drivers and nahimic ?

I prefer to say: if your CPU throttle, we will be impacted

I've never had issues with Nahimic, and i have an i5 6600K OC'd at 4.1Ghz with a MSI Z170 GAMING M3, 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM and an 840 EVO SSD. There's no audio crackling on my (Windows 10) machine.

Nahimic was the one that suggested that low-end machines are affected by audio crackling because the CPU can't process the audio effects in-time because of 100% CPU usage(or a downthrottling CPU due to heat, for on example; laptops)

Guys, finally you remembered about bug in S4B, I`m going to check it =)

When will u erase crack noise? Next year? 10 years later?

FYI, this only happens on PC's that don't have very powerful CPU's. I've never had this issue in the first place. Though i do not use any of the optional features, and disabled everything except the main funtionality(bass boost treble and equalizer etc_.

It's our first priority, but this year, I swear :p

Oh thx it happen on just 12 month np