hi i updated my nahimic to 2.3.12 and it seems i have lost all bass....... it was fine in the previous versions but now the sound is terrible

as i have said i updated nahimic to 2.3.12 and its stuffed the sound. it sounds hollow and like its coming from a tin can.
i have installed and uninstalled 3 or 4 times in the proper way. i have tried the user equalizer and the presets (all of them) and  nothing works.
can you advise me how to fix this  ?

my laptop is a MSI GP72 6QE leopard pro



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i dont have external speakers as such but do have pioneer headphones and the sound through them is really good.

if i disable nahimic by the power button in the center it sounds really low and week and lack of bass
if i disable just the sound effects it actually sounds heaps better but the volume is too low / week (actually sound close to how it should).
with all the above it looses its tinny / hollowness.

could it be the driver audio driver version (would it be better / work with another version) ?

thanks again with all the help

gday Kyrillo
the driver version is the one that came with the nahimic 2 upgrade from MSI.. 
the version is realtek high definition audio.

i need to clarify something first though.
when i said above that i tried the presets and equalizer and they didnt work, i was meaning that they dont help fix the sound. they actually work but the sound isnt good. it sounds like ive lost all bass and it is being played in a tin can and an "empty room"       ( tinny...hollow... echoey ).


Hello Ashley, 

Can you give me your Realtek driver ?