Can't install Nahimic

I've tried installing the two latest version but can't get anything to install. Each time I've uninstalled both the realtech driver and rebooted then try to install Nahimic. When it hung the first time I read that the old version of Nahimic. I went through uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times now without success. Tried using your recommended uninstaller but it doesn't even find the program. When trying the latest version 2.3.12 I get an error code 2753. When I try version 8 it says a newer version is installed. I've used CCleaner and manually gone through the registry to remove any reference to Nahimic about 8 times now. Each time starting from completely uninstalling everything and using ccleaner plus deleting references in the registry and installing the proper realtek drivers then the Nahimic driver with no luck.  

Please help. At minimum I need to know what registry keys the install program is looking for that causes install issues.


Thank you.

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Thanks Mustafa, that fixed the issue. Had to deleted everything relating to Nahimic in the Package Cache and then do a registry search for the version numbers. After a reboot I was able to finally install the program and have it open up.


Ccleaner or any other app is not clean all Nahimic remains on regedit. Sarching "nahimic" and deleting them on regedit is not clean all remains as well. I found a solution for cleaning regedit manually. First find the what version causing problem. "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{........}\v2.2.7\.....msi" causing problem (mine was v2.3.1). Search in regedit for "v2.2.7" (this will change what you receive in error message). Found remains is "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{........}\v2.2.7\.....msi" type. Delete this remains with {........} folder. Then press F3 or find next button and delete all remains in described type. Try to install nahimic again if you have an error related to Realtek Driver, uninstall and reinstall Realtek before installing Nahimic. If this solution does not work, search "nahimic" (you already did that but writing for any others) on regedit and delete what can you found, then uninstall and reinstall Realtek and after these, try to install Nahimic again. 
Sorry for my bad English.


you shouldn't need to uninstall the realtek drivers I didn't.

There's no activity or responses to your post so I don't know if you got it worked out but there are a couple of things I would need to know to try and help.

What operating system are you running and what motherboard are you using?