Problem with Nahimic 2 and Realtek Audio Manager.

I have a 5.1 Logitech Z506 and I set everything in the Realtek audio manager for let it work in 5.1 mode. But if I turn off the Nahimic manager the sound become 2.1. In Nahimic if i change the audio from 5.1 to stereo or something else, it crashes! In the Realtek audio manager don't work any kind of sonor effects but only in Nahimic. The sound card is an integrated of the MSI H170 Gaming M3 motherboard wich come with Nahimic also integrated.

How can I remain in 5.1 mode and can turn off the Nahimic audio manager???

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Yes!! I resolved removing my 5.1 speakers from the desk because are too many bugs between MSI and Nahimic! You can ask me also this simply question like "have you installed the last version?", "have you check the 5.1 in the list?"... Yes! I've done all of this simply things! Before I wrote here, I've searched 3 days for the answer...but no anyone know the answer...so the only probability of true is that the driver/software of MSI with the Nahimic companion sound manager are bad programmed! 
Can't use 5.1 mode without having turn on Nahimic (why????);
Not work any sonor effects in the Realtek audio manager (why???);
Fill speakers not work (why???)....


Hello Alexandru, 

Are you on the latest version of Realtek and Nahimic ? https://nahimic.helprace.com/i102-nahimic-2-3-8-is-alive