Nahimic 2.3.8 is alive!

Halloween is close and you need to be sure you can hear ghosts whispering and vampires in your back!

Nahimic 2.3.8 is alive and ready to fight!

Important: you need to install the Realtek version presents in the link below to reduces the noise issue

Click here to access to the download link



Fixed issues

Fixed some of the crack noise issue present in game sessions when CPU load is too important.

Known issues

We are still improving our software on the crack noise issue to erase it forever.

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Why are these important updates only available through dropbox?  I just paid a lot of money for my new msi laptop and I can't get any decent sound. I am now trying for the 8th time today to download the 300+ MB file as dropbox doesn't allow download managers and my connection is bad today.  1/10 Nahimic and I will be feeding back as such to MSI.

I have now spent 14 hours today trying to download the files to fix your shit.  I still don't have the files.  My latest download says it has 10 more hours to go, but from the experience I have gathered today it will fail yet again.  You should take your shitty sound system and shove it up your fucking arses.  If I could rip it out of my laptop I would have done by now.  In England you would be liable to be taken to the cleaners for this. I hope your company faces the music for 'failing to provide a product fit for the purpose'.  If I was in the UK now I would already have contacted trading standards.

New one :)

it seems that the dropbox download limit was reached, which sucks because my laptop just updated to Win10 annviersary, which now caused the cracking issue I have

"Found" a solution. So, I downloaded the IObit uninstaller, and uninstalled nahimic then realtek. Then I downloaded the realtek hd audio software from their web site, and the Nahimic 2.3.10 from the MSI support page. To get the nahimic from the MSI you are going to need your computer model, mine was a GS63VR Stealth Pro. Not sure if you need to be a registered user, but I am.

Installed the realtek. Note here you are going to have to reboot twice.

Installed the Nahimic 2.3.10, and rebooted. Now life is good again.

observation: on the way I had to install and uninstall realtek twice because for some reason it wasn't detecting my headphones the first time.


I also need the nahimic update... Latest windows 10 update screwed up the sound system. It was so good just a few hours ago before the update, now it sounds horrible.

Is there some where else we can the new version since your dropbox is busted? wont open for me anymore ...


Looks like your dropbox link isn't working anymore? Really need to get updates...